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The GABACast. Episode 94: Shut the Commodore.

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It wasn’t pretty but the Gamecocks eked out a win against a Derek Mason squad with its back against the wall.

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NCAA Football: Vanderbilt at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

November and South Carolina still has an opportunity to win the SEC East. Stop laughing.



The University of South Carolina Gamecocks dispatched the Vanderbilt Commodores' leaky vessel back into the crisp October night, and find themselves at an alarmingly unsatisfying 6-2 with four games remaining. Anyone would call this season a relative success thus far. However, the most interesting and potentially soul-crushing portion of their schedule awaits, and your favorite podcast boys are here to break it down. We discuss the advent of a mobile Jake Bentley, lament the loss of yet another offensive lineman, and beg that the lackadaisical, sloppy defensive unit not do whatever it is they did (or didn't) do this past Saturday. Baylor lost again, the whole state of Florida is in some dire football straits, and Gary Patterson's visor is clearly trying to troll him in plain sight. We go over everything from Kyle Shurmur's inevitable excellent performance, to Mon Denson's somewhat surprising debutante show. We also make more fun of Baylor, say something nice about Wake Forest wide receivers, and beg for forgiveness for the beatdown we are about to receive at the hands of the Georgia Bulldogs next week in Sanford Stadium. Gamecocks win 16-12. Keep it a secret.

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