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GABACast Episode 74

Kevin McCrarey from SportsTalkSC joins the show again to break down Gamecock baseball!


Welcome back to your favorite Gamecock podcast! Rantin Rhonda and Sam McDowell are joined by SportsTalkSC radio host Kevin McCrarey to talk about the philosophical side of Gamecock baseball. In detail, this episode includes:

  • Breaking down PJ Dozier’s decision to officially leave for the NBA Draft.
  • What the future holds for Gamecock basketball at the point guard position.
  • The odd atmosphere that is Founder’s Park these days.
  • What needs to happen for the Gamecocks to change their fortunes and turn their season trajectory around.
  • Rantin Rhonda and Sam get disappointed and excited during the roller coaster that was the Atlanta Braves game tonight.
  • When does Chad Holbrook’s job security become a real issue?
  • Twitter questions.

Thanks again to Kevin for joining us on the show and thanks to you guys for faithfully following us. Enjoy the show!