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GABACast Episode 75: Rallying the Troops

Alex and Sam are here to bring you some hard hitting truths about the state of Gamecock baseball.

team TheBigSpur

Rhonda’s taking exams and DC3 is MIA, so Alex and Sam are gonna bring you all the hard hitting Gamecock baseball takes. In the 75th episode of the greatest Gamecock podcast on Earth we discuss:

  • The latest disappointing SEC weekend...this time against Florida.
  • How good teams don’t consistently lose close games.
  • We know Holbrook said some things fans didn’t like last week, but maybe we should lay off of him for that. His comments were justified. And, if you don’t like what he said, maybe some self-reflection is justified.
  • Despite the late inning letdowns, our pitching staff is still pretty damn good.
  • They keys to beating a very hot Kentucky team.
  • Also, saying the words “Kentucky is good at baseball” is pretty dang weird.
  • Twitter questions.
  • Some late inning activities that fans can take part in just in case the Gamecocks are winning a tight game.

Thanks for listening!