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The GABACast. Episode 89: Killing the Curse.

Breaking down the exhilaratingly stressful and strange win over Louisiana Tech, and looking ahead to a trip to Kyle Field.

Louisiana Tech v South Carolina Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Okay, that worked out in the end, but let’s try to never recreate this performance again, agreed?

The Gamecocks overcame certain doom not once, but twice, in the final quarter to outlast the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs by one point (not one possession) on a beautiful, stereotypically sweltering, September afternoon. Nothing worked before everything worked before nothing worked again and then a miracle happened. DC3 actually called this miracle but no verifiable evidence exists, so let’s just say he was positive for once in his life. In short, a self-inflicted ‘GABACast Curse’ that had been in effect for nearly two years, and spanned three sports, was finally laid to rest this past week, so, you’re welcome.

Inside this week’s podcast, your favorite group of misfit bloggers try to dissect the victory, and put into larger context just what to make of it all. For some reason, we talk about laundry mishaps, the kicking situation, why Jake Bentley might be the second coming of Carson Palmer. We also talk cloning, we laugh at Baylor and Kentucky, and discuss the trip to a very ominous and strange place: College Station, Texas. Also, an alleged poltergeist invades Alex’s house at some point near the end of the show, so apologies for some brief audio.

This wasn’t pretty, but it was kinda fun to watch a team race back to snatch victory from the claws of defeat. It was also nice to see Parker White bang one through the uprights.

We hope y’all enjoy. Click here to find us on iTunes, or just mash the ol’ play button below: