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The GABACast, Episode 115: HOLD DAT TIGER.

The Gamecocks won a weird one in Columbia (ours). Let’s podcast!

On Saturday in Williams-Brice Stadium, the South Carolina Gamecocks beat the Missouri Tigers in a game that included an onside kick that wasn’t an onside kick, a torrential rainstorm, yet another untimely missed field goal by Mizzou, a blocked punt, a two hour delay, and an even wilder final two minutes of game clock. We will attempt to make this podcast just as weird as the football game that happened this past weekend. (we will succeed)

In this week’s episode, there are winners (see: Gloria Butler) and there are losers (LOL UFC), but most of all there are thoughts aplenty on the crazy train that is Gamecock Football. We dish on SCAR, the paper-thin line between defensive intensity and disobedience, our BMac problem on first down, and why Parker White might deserve a spot on our Mount Rushmore of Gamecock Football players.

This is a good one. Buckle up. Gas pedal’s on the right. Click here to find us on iTunes (subscribe, rate, review, NOW) or just mash the triangle thingy below. Thank you so much for listening, we hope you enjoy!