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The GABACast, Episode 114: Fear the Thumb.

L is for Lexington, apparently.

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Kentucky
behold, AN ART.
Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Well. That sucked. We all know that. A little bit of each of us shriveled up and died during that sad twenty play drive that ended in zero points to end the game last Saturday in Commonwealth Stadium KROGER FIELD, but, let’s podcast about it anyways.

FIRST. Let’s speak on something positive: what’s your single favorite thing about college football season? We gave our best attempt at feigning charm and optimism, and we hope you do too down in the comments.

Okay, moving along.

There are, as always, winners and losers. This week we give a shout out to Penn State, the whole dang USA, college football’s zombie team (UAB), and former baseball great and criminally underrated MLB player, Whit Merrifield. We also dive into the debacle under the lights in Lexington, where the Gamecocks successfully helped with the launch of yet another Heisman Trophy campaign, this time for Benny Snell...we know...we’re sick of it too. We attempt to perform a semi-competent autopsy of Gamecock Football and try to find a semblance of a silver lining moving forward as the Gamecocks come back to Williams-Brice Stadium to host their bitter and longtime rival the Missouri Tigers this coming weekend.

This is a deep-dive, and we hope you enjoy it. Air out your grievances, express your frustrations. We are here. We are here for you.

Faithfully yours,

The Only South Carolina Gamecocks Podcast crew.

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