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SEC Power Rankings: Breaking Bad.gif Edition

Yeah, Science!

South Carolina v Florida Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

As the year winds to a close, we come to a point in the SEC schedule where usually things wouldn’t be so volatile, but 2018 is strange. After the top 3 teams in this conference you could maybe throw everyone in a bag, shake it up and however you dump it out might be right.

Well, everyone but Arkansas. And Vandy. And Ole Miss. You know what? Maybe we need two bags.

Anyway, I used Breaking Bad gifs this week. Enjoy.

1. ALABAMA (10-0)

They have racked up back-to-back shutouts against top 25 opponents. The running game is averaging more than 5 yards per carry. They have The Citadel and then Auburn on the horizon. This team can probably sit Tua for two weeks and be just fine.

2. GEORGIA (9-1)

Kirby Smart to Kentucky and Florida:

3. LSU (8-2)

Even Ed Orgeron is surprised by how many times he’s gotten to say these words in 2018.


Now look, more went wrong for Mississippi State than one bad call and one missed call, but here’s every SEC fan not from Alabama reacting to every mistake the refs make benefiting Nick Saban.

5. FLORIDA (7-3)

When Feliepe Franks is your quarterback, there is only one way to build an effective offense.

6. KENTUCKY (7-3)

Mark Stoops talking about football before this week.

7. TEXAS A&M (6-4)

We now cut to a live shot of Jimbo Fisher’s house.

8. AUBURN (6-4)

Gus Malzahn starting the weekly meeting with his boss on Monday:


A seventeen point lead! We let a bad offense score touchdowns on each of their final 3 possessions?

10. TENNESSEE (5-5)

Tennessee dominated Kentucky. There is only one thing the Wildcats can do.

11. MISSOURI (6-4)

Forget the football team for a moment. I found a gif that describes the state of Missouri very well.

12. OLE MISS (5-5)

Every potential Ole Miss recruit as their campus visit comes to an end:

13. VANDERBILT (4-6)

This team can technically still make it to a bowl game.

14. ARKANSAS (2-8)

Respectable showing against LSU, but still...