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Weekend discussion: Which unit is most critical to the Gamecocks’ success?

Offense, defense, or special teams?

Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

This weekend’s subject for debate is a bit of an open-ended one, since it can be taken in multiple different directions: Which unit do you think will be most important for South Carolina this season, and/or which unit would you like to see improve the most?

South Carolina coach Will Muschamp is known first and foremost as a defensive guru, and that reputation has borne itself out during his tenure in Columbia so far. But is it sustainable for the Gamecocks to keep relying on their defense to get them out of jams, much like they did last year in several close games?

Ideally, all three phases of the game would see improvement and collectively power South Carolina to an incredible 2018. But some units and position groups are a little farther ahead or behind than others, so realistically speaking, there will likely be a singular strength of the team. Which unit needs to consistently bring its A-game, week in and week out, for the Gamecocks to maximize their potential?

Does quarterback Jake Bentley need to take another step forward with the offense, and/or does the run game need to become more reliable to put South Carolina over the top? Does success hinge on the field goal unit actually making field goals? Will this be another season of the Gamecocks putting their fate in the defense’s hands? Let’s hear it.