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Weekend discussion: Who will break out this year for the Gamecocks?

We all know Deebo is primed for a big 2018, but who else?

Photo by Todd Bennett/GettyImages

Hey, it’s the last weekend discussion thread before football season kicks off! It’s both hard to believe it’s finally here and also that we survived the long, hot summer without it, so congratulations are in order. In a matter of days, it will be Coastal Week, and we can concentrate all our energy on hating the Chanticleers.

In the mean time, there are still some things left to ponder about the upcoming season. This weekend, we’d like to know: Aside from Deebo Samuel doing Deebo Samuel things, who do y’all think will have breakout performances for the Gamecocks in 2018?

Will it be someone wreaking havoc along the defensive line, like Javon Kinlaw or D.J. Wonnum? Will Jake Bentley take a big step forward and cement himself as top SEC quarterback? Will a running back emerge to finally elevate South Carolina’s ground game? Could a new face in the secondary step up to power that unit, like how Fenton Island popped up on the map last year? Let’s hear it.

(By the way, if you guys would like these open discussion threads to continue throughout the season, that can certainly be arranged!)