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GABACast Episode 111: Marshall Week.

We’re back to wrap up Georgia week and preview the matchup with the Thundering Herd.

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Hey guys! We’re back and, well, we’re not in the greatest of moods. DC3 is mad at Barstool Sports, Alex is mad at the ACC refs from the Texas A&M vs. Clemson game, and I’m mad at Florida running back Adarius Lemons for making a poorly timed announcement to transfer (AGAIN)!

Honestly, after that butt whooping the Georgia Bulldogs put on the South Carolina Gamecocks, we’re just a little mad about everything. But hey! It’s not all bad, right? Somehow DC3 saw some positives from the Georgia game and we also preview the upcoming matchup against the Marshall Thundering Herd (while also keeping an eye on Hurricane Florence).

You can listen here, or listen from our iTunes page. Either way, make sure you go to our iTunes page to subscribe, rate and review (5 stars only, plz). Thanks for listening and go Cocks!

Additionally: Obviously playing a football game Saturday should take a backseat right now with Hurricane Florence bearing down on our coastline. Please stay safe out there and, if you’re in harm’s way, please evacuate and get somewhere safe. Also, make sure you thank our first responders for all the work they do in keeping everyone safe. Finally, here’s a great Twitter feed with weather updates specific to our great state, so give them a follow!