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Week 5 Open Discussion Thread

Biiiig game coming up.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

South Carolina is back in the win column and spirits have lifted quite a bit in Gamecock Country, but all eyes are on this weekend’s upcoming showdown with Kentucky.

Things have gotten pretty interesting in the SEC over the past couple weeks, especially within the Eastern division. The Wildcats whipped a ranked Mississippi State team, Missouri sort of hung in there with Georgia, and South Carolina played the best it has against Vanderbilt in ages despite some sloppy mistakes late in the game. And just for good measure, there was also quite a bit of drama on the Tennessee sideline during the Vols’ mostly meaningless matchup with Florida, which is a sentence that would shock a college football fan from 2005 or so.

It’s tough to say before this week’s games are played, but how is everyone feeling about the Gamecocks’ place in the division? Is Kentucky the clear cut, second-best team behind Georgia, or will that have to be settled on Saturday? Is the East in general maybe a bit better than advertised? Have at it.