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SEC Power Rankings: King Of The Hill.gif Edition

I think this conference has 5 good teams sitting atop a blob of indistinguishable mediocre to bad nonsense.

Mississippi State v Auburn Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

I have been waiting for something to celebrate to break out the King of the Hill gifs. Say what you will about the Simpsons, to me this show is the best of Fox’s Animation Domination era.

For most teams, beating a hobbled Kentucky isn’t something to celebrate, but the Cocks are struggling this season and Saturday night snapped a five year losing streak against the Cats. So, crack open a beer and let’s take a journey down to Arlen.

1. BAMA (5-0)

How both Tua and Devonta Smith feel this week.

2. LSU (4-0)

When LSU is on a bye.

3. AUBURN (5-0)

Bo Nix played the best game of his college career, Booby Whitlow found the end zone three times, and Auburn’s defense did this anytime Mississippi State had the ball.

4. GEORGIA (4-0)

Jake Fromm waiting to be asked to throw the ball downfield this season like

5. FLORIDA (5-0)

How I feel about Dan Mullen going into this week’s game against Auburn.

6. MIZZOU (3-1)

Sure, it could be a nine win season for the Tigers this year, but they’ll probably lose to both UGA and Florida, and none of it matters because they can’t go to a bowl anyway.

7. TEXAS A&M (3-2)

Thank God for this gif, because the Arkansas game had a lot happening and none of it memorable, so here is a nice reminder that the Aggies have beaten the Hogs 8 years in a row.


How we all felt when Booby Whitlow hurt Bully.

9. OLE MISS (2-3)

The Rebels were up 10-7 on Bama and then their offense started looking like this.


It wasn’t pretty, but Feaster and Dowdle led the way as Carolina finally hit back at Kentucky! (Also, we all knew this gif was coming)

11. ARKANSAS (2-3)

The Razorbacks showed some fight, so they move up this week, but the free fall continues.

12. KENTUCKY (2-3)

Literally everything Kentucky tried to do on Saturday night.

13. VANDERBILT (1-3)

Can we even call Vandy’s upcoming visit to Ole Miss on Saturday night SEC football?

14. TENNESSEE (1-3)

Phil Fulmer watching his plan to be back on the Tennessee sidelines by Halloween come together.