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It will all make sense when you read it. Maybe.

Ryan Hilinski threw a dime to score within approximately a nanosecond and things were looking pretty darn good:

Things kinda bottomed out from there and it was apparent something was really not great on defense...but somehow we were keeping it together through halftime:

Then things got really hairy. The Optimist isn’t exactly sure of the timeline. A nap was taken. Again, not sure on the timeline.

It wasn’t looking so hot going into Sunday, either.

Although, watching Michigan absolutely obliterate Notre Dame was kinda fun.

Then I realized the rest of the top-25 scores are making an Alabama, LSU, Ohio State, Clemson playoff really likely:

But after a breather and (six) bloody mary’s...I realized that if we go 3-1 for the remainder of the season we’ll be bowling in Shreveport or Madagascar or somewhere:

Okay, maybe that wasn’t entirely optimistic of me:

Then, just at the right time, The Optimist realized that despite being completely unprepared on defense, giving up meteoric numbers to bad quarterbacks, allowing the best punter in the nation to be posterized for a scoop and score, and looking absolutely helpless in the process, the South Carolina Gamecocks are an integral part of the landscape of college football right now, and if we have to be yet another chaos element, and we have to exist solely to ruin someone’s playoff chances (looks at late November curiously), then so be it. We’re your Huckleberry.

Life goes on. The sun will come up tomorrow (theoretically). And you better bet your ass that a Gamecock will be there to alert the world to the dawning of a new day.