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The GABACast, episode 137: VOLUNTEERED.

football is stupid.

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Life is all about fall, for example.’s becoming pretty clear that this is NOT the season of the Gamecock.

Listen, Saturday’s collapse against the Tennessee Volunteers may have been gut-wrenching. Demoralizing, even. Yes. The Gamecocks allowed the creamsicle mafia to move the ball virtually at will throughout the second half. Yes, the Gamecocks allowed a blocked punt for a scoop and score. Yes, the Gamecocks offense looked like it had the flu for the majority of the game. Yes, the Gamecocks got [feigns Steve Spurrier voice] walloped on Saturday.


The Three Amigos are back together once again for the latest installment of the only South Carolina Gamecocks podcast on the internet. And don’t worry. We’re here to help you with what ails you. Mainly we’re here to talk about other stuff that happened last week and to look ahead to the fact that bouncyhoops season is quickly approaching. Also, good football names are just the best. Also, PJ Fleck is a crazy person and we can appreciate that. Also, Texas Tech might’ve pooped the bed. Also, Notre Dame definitely did. Also, Wofford might be the best football team in South Carolina. Don’t judge us.

Yeah, we could talk about how Wisconsin is suddenly a smoldering pile of tires.

Yeah, we could talk for hours about how BMac should probably start updating his LinkedIn profile.

Yeah, we could talk about how Greg Sankey is a total wimp.

Instead, we talk about our reasonable expectations for the Gamecocks’ Basketball program. Because, we will tirelessly give you exactly what you want: that good good content.

Hope you enjoy the show! Please CLICK HERE to find us on iTunes, or just mash the play button. Whatever. Don’t cost nothin’.