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SEC Power Rankings: Kenan Thompson.gif Edition

Time to put the first 10 games behind us and settle in for a tradition like no other: SoCon Saturday!

NCAA Football: Alabama at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Man, there are only three more of these power ranking columns coming this year. Where has the time gone?

Honestly, no need to be wistful. This season can’t end soon enough. Then again, we also just found out that we are stuck with this turd-in-the-punch-bowl of a coaching staff for at least one more season, so maybe the next two years can’t end soon enough.

Around the league, we saw Tua’s season (and maybe career) come to an end, we saw Gary Danielson giggle with delight at a woman getting knocked unconscious on the sideline, and we watched Florida beat Mizzou in a game that had both sides right on the verge of asking the other “do we really have to do this today?”. All of it was better than what we saw Saturday night in College Station.

So, let’s get this over with.

1. LSU

2019 Joe Burrow gets to face the 2019 Arkansas defense on Saturday night.

2. Georgia

I am moving Georgia up this week solely based off of projecting what Bama will be without Tua. Now, with everyone at full strength, do I think Georgia is really the second best team in the conference or that they can beat LSU only scoring 21 or 24 points?

3. Alabama

Every Alabama fan at 3:04 in the second quarter on Saturday.

4. Florida

Dan Mullen to Mississippi State fans not willing to give him credit for the job he has done at Florida:

5. Auburn

Auburn fans just know that Bo Nix from the final drive of the Oregon game is going to show up again in a big game someday.

6. Texas A&M


7. Tennessee

Jeremy Pruitt was no doubt using the bye week to draw up schemes to beat powerhouses Missouri and Vanderbilt.

8. Missouri

What will the Tigers be up to during bowl season?

9. Kentucky

Just one more win to bowl eligibility!

10. South Carolina

Me when someone starts a sentence with “you know, if you just change the offense...”

11. Ole Miss

How would Ole Miss grad Matt Luke describe himself?

12. Mississippi State

Just two years ago Joe Moorhead was the toast of college football and a hot candidate for whatever job he wanted...then he took the Mississippi State job.

13. Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt fan after, like, every play this season:

14. Arkansas

Houston Nutt calling into Little Rock radio stations trying to get his old job back: