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South Carolina vs. Texas A&M: Game Balls

Not a lot to give out in this one

South Carolina v Texas A&M Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

When we found out Bryan Edwards, pretty much this team’s offensive focal point, wasn’t going to suit up, we knew the offense was going to struggle.

And it did. Against a Texas A&M defense that is nowhere near spectacular.

I’ll cut the Gamecock defense some slack because things are hard when you don’t get a break and you are out there for 41-and-a-half minutes.

Anyway, here are the few game balls I have to give out.

Offensive Game Ball: N/A

Six points were scored.

The punter had two less yards than the leading rusher.

USC was 2 for 15 on third down.

Ryan Hilinski completed 39% of his passes.

The offense predictably laid another egg and no one was deserving of a game ball.


Defensive Game Ball: Kingsley Enagbare

Let’s remember this defense only gave up 13 points until the fourth quarter, where they were most likely gassed and knew the other side of the ball wasn’t going to do them any favors.

Despite the scoreboard being a tad deceptive, this defense gave up two 100-yard rushers and let Mond do whatever he pleased.

No one was particularly deserving, but I wanted to give a sentimental game ball to Enagbare for being a usual bench player and contributing in this one.

South Carolina had two total sacks and he was involved in both of them.

Having only one sack to date, he surpassed that number in one game with 1.5 sacks, sharing one with Kinlaw.

I wanted to pay my respects to a guy that plays his heart out and performs when his number is called.

Honorable Mentions: Joseph Charlton

He can do special teams, he can play offense, what can’t he do??

Yes, I’m just giving him some love to boost spirits because of his beautiful improvisation on a should-have-been blocked punt.

Beyond that, he got his usual workload of MANY punts (this time 8).

On an average week he probably wouldn’t be here, but there weren’t many positives in this one.