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SEC Power Rankings: Silicon Valley.gif Edition

Welcome to the season that has given us one of the worst and two of the best SEC teams ever!

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Week 10 was strange if you look at the conference in the macro. Was their a big game that will likely determine a trip to Atlanta? Yes! Did the Gamecocks win? Yes! Did we get further confirmation that the 2019 version of the Arkansas Razorbacks are historically awful? Again, yes!

Somehow though, the week still felt like a holding pattern. Maybe it is all the hype around next weekend’s betting between LSU and Alabama. Maybe it was the fact that despite the Cocktail Party being a top ten matchup, it failed to deliver anything interesting. Maybe it was just the fact that so many of the headlines for week 10 came from outside the SEC.

Whatever the answer to this question, Week 10 is behind us and we are trucking along towards Week 11, which will feature the single best matchup in the nation, the potential to see SEC teams lose to Western Kentucky and New Mexico State, and a matchup with Appalachian State that seems considerably more winnable for Carolina than it did this time a week ago.

1. LSU (8-0)

Let’s join Ed Orgeron’s very Cajun press conference to discuss the Alabama game.

2. Bama (8-0)

I hope Tuscaloosa has its laser light show on point for next week, because even though the game starts in the sunlight, the skies will be dark by the third quarter.

3. Georgia (7-1)

There is only one way to describe Georgia’s offense.

4. Florida (7-2)

Florida’s entire playbook seems to be slant right, slant left, delayed handoff, and that play where Kyle Trask runs backwards 15 yards before getting tackled.

5. Auburn (7-2)

Auburn fans aren’t crazy enough to demand Gus be fired if he goes 8-4 and there is no realistic better option out there, right?

6. Texas A&M (6-3)

Whenever I see 100,000 A&M fans doing synchronized jazz hands, pretending to have their own military, and worshiping a dog:

7. Missouri (5-3)

Well, Mizzou is ineligible for a bowl this year, so do we even bother celebrating if they manage to win out and finish on top of the East?

8. Tennessee (4-5)

Since the loss at Alabama, Jeremy Pruitt has had the Vols out to murder and embers people. Chances are that trend continues next week in Lexington.

9. South Carolina (4-5)

We all just have to trust that this new package for Dakereon Joyner is the wrinkle the offense needs to put more points on the board, win more games, and finally turn the corner in the Muschamp era.

10. Mississippi State (4-5)

Kylin Hill out rushed everyone on the Arkansas roster combined on Saturday.

11. Kentucky (4-4)

Should have beaten Florida but didn’t, had their winning streak against Carolina snapped, didn’t score a point against UGA. Kentucky fans on this football season:

12. Ole Miss (3-6)

Ole Miss boosters to Matt Luke at the end of the season:

13. Vanderbilt (2-6)

Vanderbilt fans to Jeff Fisher:

14. Arkansas (2-7)

Chad Morris by the 2nd quarter of every game: