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The GABACast, Episode 141: Season Recap (feat. Langston Moore).

Fight off the Sunday Scaries with a new show and a special guest appearance!

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

A podcast recorded almost a week ago posted at a random time on a Sunday?

Yep. That’s us.

The only South Carolina Gamecocks sports podcast that exists on the internet.

In today’s episode, we try to put a bow on the football season, look ahead to basketball and other sports that may give us joy in the coming months, and wax poetic about the future. We’re also fortunate enough to have been able to spend a little time with longtime friend of the podcast, Langston Moore, who stops by to talk football, life, and the newest installment of his Just a Chicken book series.

There are winners, losers, lots of digressions, and the usual GABACast mess that you all know and love.

Enjoy this special edition of the show. CLICK HERE to find us on iTunes (where you should subscribe, rate, and review) or just press play below.