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SEC Power Rankings: Season Ending Looney Tunes Edition

Thank God it’s over.

Alabama v Auburn Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

I don’t know that many of us are going to be sad to put the 2019 football season in our rearview mirrors. You would have been a fool to expect that Carolina could be in a New Year’s 6 bowl game, but I don’t think any of us were thinking 4-8 either. Add to that the uncertainty within the fanbase over the certainty within the administration that Will Muschamp is the man to lead the Cocks into the future, and we’ve got quite a dour ten month offseason on the horizon.

On the bright side, if we zoom out, the conference provided some nice surprises this season. LSU discovered the forward pass, the forgone conclusion of Tua lifting the Heisman and Bama winning in Atlanta didn’t come to fruition, and Arkansas was entertainingly terrible.

Here are our final SEC Power Rankings for 2019, complete with bowl projections (as best I can figure based on standings and affiliation rotations between the Big Ten and ACC) and Looney Tunes gifs!

1. LSU (Peach Bowl vs Utah)

I like this Thanos-esque version of Coach O just obliterating anything in his path.

2. Georgia (Sugar Bowl vs Oklahoma)

Between beating the living hell out of Tech and Bama’s loss, UGA can be sure they are not going to the Orange Bowl. It’s either the Sugar Bowl or the CFP now.

3. Florida (Orange Bowl vs Notre Dame)

Watching Bama lose and counting the difference in the payout from a New Years 6 bowl versus the payout from the Citrus Bowl.

4. Auburn (Outback Bowl vs Penn State)

When penalties and dumb luck aren’t enough, sometimes you have to complain to the refs until they change the clock.

5. Alabama (Citrus Bowl vs Virginia)

How the rest of the conference sees Bama fans when they complain about a loss.

6. Tennessee (Gator Bowl vs Indiana)

Wake up! Jeremy Pruitt may actually be a good coach and make things even tougher for Carolina in the East for the next few years.

7. Texas A&M (Music City vs Florida State)

After all of the talk about this being the year Jimbo put A&M in the top tier of the West to stay, this is how his team faired against any legitimate competition.

8. Kentucky (Belk Bowl vs UNC)

Mark Stoops having to remind the people of Kentucky for the last month that it is still football season:

9. Missouri (NONE)

Oh...So you think there’s a better coach than Barry Odom is just dying to take this job?

10. Mississippi State (Texas Bowl vs Kansas State)

So will Mississippi State bring Joe Moorhead back next year? (This was written at 11:31 AM on Sunday)

11. South Carolina (NONE)

What every offensive playbook looks like to Will Muschamp

12. Ole Miss (NONE)

Ole Miss with a chance to send the Egg Bowl to overtime:

13. Vanderbilt (NONE)

Nothing left to do in Nashville but just get ready for baseball season.

14. Arkansas (NONE)

Every conference game for the Hogs for the last 2 years.