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The GABACast, Episode 127: BLACK MAGIC IS BACK go ahead and @ us.

What’s wrong with movie remakes, winners, losers, and we preview the second half of the season.

Hey there sportsfans!

What movie would you like to remake? Are movie remakes even worth it? A very GABACast diatribe starts off our latest episode, and it continues long into the night. Spoiler alert, DC3 wants to remake Casablanca and it’s probably a bad idea. That should surprise noone.

Moving along, we roll through our winners and losers, including Antonio Brown’s helmet (and feet), Florida’s difficult relationship with the truth, the Baltimore Orioles ridiculous upset, why the baseball might be ruining baseball (note: we still abide by our stance of ‘never bunt, hit dingers’ but feel like the amount of home runs being hit currently is ridiculous don’t hate us.) We also delve into the position group that we’re most confident in heading into the season opener.

And for the main event: we preview the second half of the South Carolina Gamecocks football season. There may or may not be some quintissential DC3 pessimism. There is definitely #BANTER.

We hope you all enjoy the show. Please click here to find us on iTunes. Please press play below if that’s your sort of thing.