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SBNation’s preseason FanPulse poll is here — just uh, ignore No. 1

Take a look at what the survey says.

Never putting a Clemson image on this blog unless it’s Hate Week, sorry not sorry. This is a safe space.
Mark Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The first round of polling across SBNation’s college football network is complete, and the people have spoken: A certain orange contingent stands atop the rankings, while Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Ohio State round out the Top 25.

Let’s play a fun game: How many of these ranked opponents are on the South Carolina Gamecocks’ schedule? If you’re a fan who stumps for playing the best, look no further! We’ve got:

  • No. 2 Alabama
  • No. 3 Georgia
  • No. 8 Florida
  • No. 11 Texas A&M

Hard enough for ya?

What do y’all think about the first iteration of this poll? If you haven’t signed up to help represent South Carolina’s voice, get on that!