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SEC Power Rankings: Week 10

Another week, another upset(s)

NCAA Basketball: Auburn at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s add one more week to this interesting, to say the least, college basketball season.

With college football done for the year, college basketball is now officially front and center for fans of collegiate sports.

The SEC has had a crazy last couple of days highlighted, of course, by Auburn losing for the first time this season at Alabama and Kentucky getting upset by the reeling South Carolina Gamecocks.

Those games really shook up the conference landscape, but everything else was mainly on script.

Some slight movement should be expected, but without further ado, I introduce to you this week’s SEC power rankings.

1. Auburn

I just want to give a shoutout to Auburn for picking the best possible time to lose their first game. Both Kentucky and Florida took L’s this past week, and Arkansas hasn’t given me any reason to raise them two spots either. I think it’s best to keep the Tigers here, especially given the way they played against Georgia on Saturday.

2. Kentucky

The Wildcats lost a heartbreaker to the Cocks on Wednesday. They are simply too talented to drop a spot, though. It was probably just a slip up and they will be back. Kentucky would have had a chance to avoid defeat too if it wasn’t for an acrobatic bank shot by Jermaine Couisnard...

3. Arkansas

I didn’t learn too much about the Razorbacks over their last two games. They should be good enough to beat Ole Miss on the road and they were expected to toss around a shorthanded Vanderbilt team. Have to give Isiah Joe credit for his superb play against Ole Miss, though.

4. Florida

I don’t know how you go from getting blown out by Missouri to blowing out Ole Miss, but the Gators did just that. To be fair, they were playing a Rebels squad minus Tyree, but the logic still stands.

5. LSU

Not a pretty week on the scoreboard for LSU, but it was an attractive one in the win column. Two dubs is not grounds for a drop in the rankings, but letting Texas A&M and Mississippi State hang around is slightly concerning.

6. Georgia

In the span of a week, the Bulldogs went from the prey to the predator. Traveling to Auburn and expecting a win is a tad much, so a beatdown of Tennessee will suffice.

7. Alabama

*Whispers* Alabama is a basketball school.

I don’t care if they were home or away. The Crimson Tide just beat the only remaining undefeated team in the conference, and it wasn’t close. Alabama’s offense continues to live up to the hype, but I wouldn’t have predicted them to put up that kind of defensive showing against this Auburn team.

8. Tennessee

Not the most impressive week for the Vols. They let the Gamecocks hang around way too long as the home team, and they proceeded to lay an egg on the road against Georgia. Also, let me not be the first and most definitely not be the last person to say that Jordan Bowden is painfully overrated.

9. South Carolina

No kind of analysis can explain what the Cocks do on a weekly basis. It would be very on brand to see them lose to Texas A&M in their next contest.

10. Mississippi State

They gave a good effort on the road versus LSU and then completely embarrassed Missouri coming off a statement win. Struggling to decide if I should give praise to Mississippi State or hate to Missou...

11. Missouri

No one would have envisioned Missouri dropping 91 on Florida. No one would have envisioned them cutting that score in half on route to a 27-point loss to Mississippi State either.

12. Ole Miss

This is not a good team, but Breein Tyree is a BALLER.

13. Texas A&M

In my mind, they are basically on the same level as Ole Miss minus their star.

14. Vanderbilt

It was fun while it lasted. Aaron Nesmith’s season is done and Vanderbilt’s is likely finished as well.