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SEC Power Rankings: Week 8

Each SEC team got a post-Christmas test... let’s see how the rankings treat them

Louisville v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

To start, it was a pretty positive week in the SEC the past week (although many of the games were pretty much auto wins).

Teams in the conference went a combined 12-2 with all 12 wins looking impressive for the most part and both losses looking... pretty bad.

The standouts were definitely Kentucky taking down one of the best teams in the nation at home, LSU handing loss #1 to one of the NCAA’s remaining undefeated teams, and the collapses of Tennessee and South Carolina.

Will the rankings be kind? The time is now. Let’s see.

1. Auburn

As long as they keep winning, they keep this spot. It’s that easy.

2. Arkansas

The Razorbacks have passed every test they’ve been given so far except for one OT loss. With a win at Indiana, the resumé just keeps on getting better.

3. Kentucky

The Wildcats are hot and cold, but we knew that. The potential was always there to win a game of this caliber against a great Louisville team, but the upset potential will always be there as well. That is why they will (most likely) not add more hardware to the trophy-case this March.

4. Florida

So far, the Gators have won every game they were supposed to win, and that’s something not a lot of SEC teams can say. Without a bad loss to their name (but without a good win as well), I believe this is the right spot for them. The thrashing of a bad Long Beach State team didn’t move the needle too much for me either.

5. LSU

They beat an undefeated team, but I don’t know how much that really means to be completely honest. This very well could have been the first time Liberty was truly tested and, well, the Tigers won that battle. Good win on paper for sure, but not sure how much it impressed me overall.

6. Ole Miss

They haven’t played a respectable team in four weeks... but that also means they haven’t lost. I guess this is a good place to put them?

7. Missouri

I don’t care how bad the team on your schedule is. How do you allow 33 points to any team?? This defense is special and they did it without Jeremiah Tilmon even suiting up. The 91 points for a bad offense looks very encouraging too.

8. Georgia

The Bulldogs proved they are more than just Anthony Edwards in their win versus Austin Peay, but I need proof that he can take a step back against a quality team and have his teammates support him.

9. Tennessee

This might have been one of the largest nosedives in this week’s rankings. They looked simply lost in their 20-point loss to Wisconsin without any identity on offense or defense. The Vols are REALLY going to miss Lamonte Turner.

10. South Carolina

They follow up an impressive win versus Virginia with a *checks notes* 7-point loss to Stetson? If you asked me what direction this team is going in the near or distant future, I honestly couldn’t say with any ounce of certainty.

11. Alabama

I’m not sure if the Crimson Tide is ready to compete with the big boys yet, but their offense continues to blow me away. Richmond isn’t that bad of a dub either.

12. Mississippi State

I’m not ready to give this team much respect yet. I can admit Reggie Perry is good at this basketball thing, but they really only got challenged once (Villanova) thus far and lost. I can’t say the 12 spot will end up being their home, but I want some more evidence with this team.

13. Vanderbilt

Who would have had Vanderbilt finishing 8-4 so far? Brings a tear to my eye, honestly.

14. Texas A&M

The Aggies added another one to the win column, but it was a 3-point win against 3-10 Texas Southern. I don’t think there is any question this is the worst team in the SEC as we enter conference play.