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The GABACast, Episode 144: On the Hotseat

Some positives, some negatives, but mostly somewhere in-between.

South Carolina vs Florida Photo by Hannah White/Collegiate Images/Getty Images

This season has started off about as bad as that Brad Scott Heinz Ketchup commercial...well, maybe not THAT bad. But it certainly has left room for improvement. Missed opportunities have really set this team back and Will Muschamp’s hotseat is about as on fire as this episode, so let’s dive into this week’s content.

Winners and losers, including:

Breaking down the Florida game:

  • Fixing the secondary.
  • Stop doing ridiculous celebrations when you’re down 3 touchdowns.
  • Actually being somewhat confident in the offense.
  • Get Jordan Burch on the field more, he’s the real deal.

Vanderbilt Preview

  • Vandy’s offense is really, really bad.
  • Keys to the game, especially defensively.
  • Predictions

Uniform Predictions

Twitter questions

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