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South Carolina men suspend basketball activities

Well, it finally happened.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

After South Carolina’s football team miraculously made it through a 10-game schedule unscathed by the coronavirus, COVID’s finally come to roost in Columbia, with the men’s basketball team pausing its activities due to multiple positive tests.

The positive results came back Tuesday, and the team will be retested again today. There’s currently no timeline on when activities will resume.

The Gamecocks, who are coming off a 77-67 loss to No. 10 Houston from this past weekend — a team which, incidentally, also had positive tests pop up — were scheduled to take on Wofford on Thursday. That game has apparently not been postponed, but canceled, with no word yet on whether a future contest will replace it.

Otherwise, the Gamecocks aren’t scheduled to play again until Dec. 14, when they travel to George Washington. I imagine at that point, they could be good to go, but the travel angle might complicate things.