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2022 Recruit Profile: Ryan Brubaker

Getting to know the newest Gamecocks.

Ryan Brubaker, Offensive Tackle

6’6” 280 lbs

Rivals Rating = 5.7 / 3 star

Offensive lineman Ryan Brubaker is a 3 star prospect from Denver, Pennsylvania and is one of two commitments from the state of Pennsylvania in the 2022 recruiting class. According to his prospect profile, he was recruited by offensive line coach Greg Adkins and special teams coach Pete Lembo.

Brubaker stands at 6 feet 6 inches and weighs 280 pounds. He is most comparable to current Gamecock Dylan Wonnum in both size and ability. Coming out of high school, Wonnum was stronger than Brubaker and had a tendency to rely on his strength more. Wonnum was known for tossing defenders to the ground, instead of driving through his block, where as Brubaker often finishes blocks by driving his man into the dirt once connected. Not only did Brubaker play offensive guard and offensive tackle his senior year, he also played some at defensive tackle.

It’s easy to see that Brubaker has been well coached. When run blocking, he fires out, stays low with his first few steps, and doesn’t waste movement. Brubaker shows transitionary power when he run blocks and once he initiates the block, he keeps his feet moving until he has driven his man into the ground or the play is over. Rarely do you see him fall down unless he is intentionally pancaking a defender. In pass pro, Brubaker flashes the ability to readjust as needed - displaying excellent agility, body control, and footwork.

Offers for Brubaker came in from all offer the nation - tallying a total of 33, according to Rivals - and included other SEC schools, such as Auburn, Florida, Ole Miss, Missouri, Tennessee, and Vanderbilt. Brubaker finished the year rated as a 5.7 recruit, ranked 17th overall in the state of Pennsylvania, and 52nd best offensive tackle nationally.

Like all offensive lineman entering the SEC, there will be an adjustment period for Brubaker. He’ll need to get stronger and acclimated with the speed of the game. With that being said, it’s likely we’ll see Brubaker on the field sooner rather than later, due to his natural talent, ability to play multiple positions on the offensive line, and a team need for high quality depth.