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2022 Recruit Profile: Felix Hixon

Getting to know the newest Gamecocks.

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Felix Hixon, Defensive Tackle

6’3” 284lbs

Rivals Rating = 5.7 / 3 star

Defensive tackle Felix Hixon is a 3 star prospect from Jackson, Georgia and is one of five commitments from the state of Georgia in the 2022 recruiting class. According to his prospect profile, he was recruited by defensive line coach Jimmy Lindsey. Coach Lindsey recruited Hixon while on staff with the University of Illinois and carried that relationship to South Carolina.

Hixon stands at 6 feet 3 inches and weighs 284 pounds. He is most comparable to recent Gamecock Jabari Ellis in both size and ability. Hixon is more polished with his technique than Ellis coming out of high school, but exhibits the same type of upside potential.

Hixon’s film shows an explosive player who effectively uses leverage to quickly get into the backfield. Often defensive tackles will immediately stand up out of their stance when the ball is snapped, but Hixon has not shown that tendancy. He fires out low and stays low, allowing him to beat his man and get to the ball. The power and quickness that Hixon demonstrates is impressive. He’s able to take on double teams and not only hold his ground, but split the double and make a play on the ball. Effort is another strength that Hixon possesses as he’s willing to chase down the ball carrier, even if it the play goes in the opposite direction.

Offers for Hixon came in from all offer the Midwest and Southeast - tallying a total of 32, according to Rivals - and included other SEC schools, such as Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Ole Miss, Tennessee, and Vanderbilt. An argument could certainly be made for Hixon to be rated as a 4 star recruit, but he finished the year with a 5.7, 3 star rating. He ranked 54th overall in the state of Georgia and 42nd best defensive tackle nationally.

In most previous South Carolina football seasons, Hixon, with his size, talent, and ability, would have seen playing time. Due to the current team’s depth at defensive tackle, his opportunities for snaps will likely be limited in the 2022 season. That may end up being beneficial, as it would allow him to adjust to the speed of SEC football at his own pace. He’ll be able to gain strength, work on his hand technique, and be ready to contribute when his time comes. High expectations are welcome for Hixon as he may turn out to be one of the better defensive tackles on the roster in a few short years.