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Texas A&M fans are out here deep-frying South Carolina helmets


OK, Texas A&M fans. I know that you guys like to deep fry stuff in the Lone Star State. Oreos? I can definitely understand. (They’re good - I had some in the little town of Greenville, S.C. a few times. RIP, Dawg House) Bacon, I can kind of understand. Gross, but I understand. Bubblegum? That’s weird.

Not as weird as a deep-fried helmet.


We can’t embed it (unfortunately), but you can take a look at the feat here. Guess I’m glad they didn’t eat it afterward, but they did smash it to bits because THAT’S WHAT THE AGGIES ARE GONNA DO TO SOUTH CAROLINA ON SATURDAY ARRRRRRGH.

Note: Apparently this is a series? Guess it’s another #tradition that they have down there at College Station, to go along with Kevin Sumlin’s tradition of having a new starting QB on opening day every year and failing to live up to expectations.