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The GABACast, Episode 24: Can Jobu Actually Hit a Curveball?

It's back! Your favorite Gamecock podcast duo has returned to break down all things South Carolina athletics!

Yep. Basically.
Yep. Basically.
Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

DC3 and Sam are back after a long hiatus to discuss all things South Carolina Gamecocks. From men's and women's basketball to baseball, your (5th) favorite Gamecock podcast is here again to enrich your lives. Sort of.

In this weeks episode, DC3 and Sam have a surprising lack of technical difficulties, talk the Gamecocks and what they need to do to win the SEC Men's Basketball title (looks like they may have screwed themselves out of that one, guys). They also discuss how much better this year's baseball team is and why they may be better equipped to make a run at Omaha this year.

Did we mention that we have a pretty damn good women's basketball team? They just wrapped up an undefeated SEC season (only 2nd time in SEC history).

Oh, and DC3 and Sam will be podcasting LIVE from Greenville, South Carolina on March 5th to preview the South Carolina vs Clemson baseball game! Make sure you tune in and listen!