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The GABACast, Episode 84: Our Season Previews!

Because kids like to look at fire.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Football is here.

We at the GABACast would like to thank you for hanging in there during the long, parched, hot as heck period of months that we call the college football offseason. Now, we’ve had some fun times, and some not so good times, but we are on the brink of another year of football and we are so glad to be able to share it with you.

Your patience has paid off! Sort of.

This week, the guys provide their own unique spin on how they feel the events will transpire for the South Carolina Gamecocks beginning with the season opening game vs. NC State Wolfpack on September 2nd. From Sam’s optimistic take on how our schedule could provide momentum, to DC3’s schadenfreude-laiden debauchery, to Alex’s logical assessment, we give our honest takes on what lies in store for our boys in Garnet (or black, or white, or some combination of all three). We talk superstitions (including blackouts), chaos theories, new stadium pyrotechnics, Will Muschamp’s face melting off, The Wire, and favorite Super Nintendo games. We also talk final fall preparations and give our ideas on what would make for a satisfying season.

Just think, when y’all hear from us next we’ll be discussing a real live actual football game!

As always, just click the play button below, or click here to find us on iTunes.

Drive safe, Go Cocks, Tip your waitress.