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The Feed Pail October 31, 2015: The Gamecocks will face Texas A&M freshman Kyler Murray

Happy Halloween!

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN: The question of the week was answered with the announcement that the Aggies will start freshman QB Kyler Murray. I'd like to go ahead and formally warn any TAMU fans reading this that a heroic outing by the freshman should not be regarded as a breakthrough or an answer to all problems plaguing the team. The was mentioned in the Feed Pail yesterday, but the Gamecocks kinda have a thing for making the opposing quarterback look better than he is. Also, here's a Halloween-themed look at this weekend in the SEC.

The State: Elliott Fry Welcomes Lone Star State Homecoming. This is a couple of days old, but GABA's official stance regarding #Freisman is that we adore him, so we encourage you to read about him whenever you can. And speaking of Gamecocks that we adore, Marcus Lattimore Will Have Role in Finding New USC Football Coach. Lattimore is on the advisory committee that Tanner has put together.

Gamecock Cereal: Here is this week's History Lesson from Rixon Lane, and as usual it's a great read. As he points out, nobody wants or needs a history lesson on the one game we've played against the Aggies in program history, so this is about games played on Halloween. Also, Podcast: Can USC Pull Off the Upset?

The Big Spur: In Photos: Game 1 of the Garnet and Black World Series. A very brief recap of the first game of the weekend, which ended in a tie. And it includes pictures in case (like me) you really miss Gamecock baseball and just want a reminder of what it looks like. Plus, Gamecocks can't go wrong with any of the "big three."

WLTX: USC Looks for Revenge Against Texas A&M. The coaches posted the stats from last year to remind the players just how bad the 2014 TAMU game was, although I don't see how anyone could forget it.

Good Bull Hunting: From elsewhere on SB Nation, you can visit our fantastic sister site sworn enemies over at GBH to see their Q&A with us ahead of today's matchup and also take a look at some Halloween entertainment.