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South Carolina Gamecocks football a 100/1 longshot to win 2016 College Football Playoff's a chance, right?

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

There's probably few things that are more interesting than the guys in Vegas publishing their odds for events that are taking place months down the road. For example, I saw odds on Twitter for the next Heisman Trophy winner, because, really, who doesn't want to place a bet on the Heisman winner in May? (If you're interested, Ohio State's Ezekiel Elliott is a 6/1 favorite.)

Anyway, Bovada has updated their odds for the 2016 college football champion (because, it seems, people are placing bets on this in May when the College Football Playoff National Championship is going to be played on January 11, just under eight months from now). South Carolina is currently showing at 100/1 odds to win according to the list, tied with Arizona, Georgia Tech, Louisville, Penn State, Utah, Virginia Tech and Washington.

In other words, Bovada seriously doubts that USC will win the national championship in 2016.

Here are the odds for each SEC team (again, if you're interested):

Alabama 7/1
Auburn 12/1
Georgia 25/1
LSU 28/1
Arkansas 40/1
Ole Miss 40/1
Texas A&M 40/1
Tennessee 50/1
Florida 66/1
Mississippi State 66/1
South Carolina 100/1
Mizzou 150/1

Apparently Bovada thinks that poor Kentucky and Vanderbilt have no shot at winning it because they aren't listed. By the way, Ohio State is the favorite to repeat (7/2) right above Alabama.

Where's Clemson, you ask? Well...I hate to break the news to you, Gamecocks fans, but they are at 22/1. That means that Bovada thinks that Clemson has a much better shot at a title next year than Carolina does.

I'm just reporting the news. Send your hate mail to Bovada, not me.