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The world needs a Steve Spurrier vs. SEC coaches danceoff

...but what it really needs is to see is video of Nick Saban doing the Wobble and Electric Slide.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

It's summer. College baseball season's winding down, and football season's still seven weeks away, and we have entered the period that all college sports Websites dread. How does one get through the summer doldrums?

This afternoon, I came across an interview Alabama Crimson Tide head football coach Nick Saban conducted with Dan Patrick about his daughter Kristen's wedding not long ago.

Now let's stop right there. Who dared to ask the hand of Nick Saban's daughter, knowing full well that one false move could result in...well, we shudder at the implications. Turns out the lucky extremely brave fortunate gentleman is a guy by the name of Adam Setas, a graduate of Alabama, a financial advisor, and a former college hockey player at Alabama-Huntsville before transferring to the mothership. Of course he was a former hockey player. (Disclaimer: They do play hockey at UAH. Division I hockey, at that.)

OK, moving on. Apparently it was a beautiful and very expensive wedding: The bride and her groom rode through Bryant-Denny during the ceremony in a Rolls-Royce (just like every newlywed couple would do, right?). But the most interesting part (well, one of them): NICK SABAN DID THE ELECTRIC SLIDE AND THE WOBBLE. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

DP: Song that made you dance at the wedding?

NS: "The Electric Slide" is one of my old favorites, so we were out there for that. I tried to learn the Wobble. That took a little more expertise, knowledge and experience. The groom is Greek, so we also had Greek dances. I learned one.

I mean, why have we not seen a Nick Saban vs. Steve Spurrier danceoff yet? HBC has been known to bust some moves of his own.


You know what? Forget just him and Saban. Why not just get all of the SEC coaches together and have them do a winner-take-all showdown together at the SEC Media Days. Although, Mark Richt (who I'm a big fan of) will need to bring more than this to the table.

Really, Mark? (In his defense, this was a couple of years ago, so he may have stepped it up in the dance game.) Let's move to Kevin Sumlin.

Kevin, just saying "WHAT WHAT WHAT" and jumping around in a circle after a win is not dancing.

What is that, anyway? Gary Pinkel, can you do better?

OK, we see you, Gary. I think that he might be the winner WAIT A MINUTE BAH GAWD THAT'S GUS MALZAHN'S MUSIC

Check out his moves. Check out his assistants "playing" the instruments., we really can't touch that. You know, I may have to give it to Gus Malzahn for now...even though the video's from 2001.

Someone please make this happen. Anyone have Greg Sankey's number?