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Ten Seasons of Spurrier: Top Ten "Spurrierisms"

...or somethin' like that.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

South Carolina Gamecocks head coach Steve Spurrier's garnered the love of his tribe and the hatred of his foes through one simple human act. Always amusing, sometimes antagonizing, typically sarcastic. Whether it's after a heartbreaking loss, a questionable win, or a lackluster half, he'll never disappoint and he'll always speak his mind. Put a microphone to his face, ask him a question, and you're aren't really sure what'll come next. Here they are. The ten best "Spurrierisms" to ever grace our auditory lobes.

10. "And so forth"

As recently noted in an updated and more accurate recollection of The Alamo during last summer's Media Days:

"I always thought Crockett and those 33 Tennessee guys was the hero. Him and those Tennessee guys that came in and got killed and so forth."

Or during last season's preview against Clemson:

9. "Free Shoes University"

Can't forget this one even though if happened more than 20 years ago back in '94. Spurrier, known to take some jabs at other head coaches and their schools, truly thought that's what FSU stood for. But who can blame him? The university is still riddled with scandal today.

8. "Somethin' like that"

7. "But anyway"

Speaking of jabbing at coaches.

6. "Did y'all know that?"

We might have, but thanks for making sure.

5. "Talking season"

Always the star show of SEC Media Days, Spurrier never disappoints during these trivial times. (I say trivial with the upmost respect for the annual event as it is a dream to make it there one day myself.)

4. "Coach 'em up"

A true classic from the HBC. What else does your head ball coach have to do other than coach 'em up? That's what he's here for.

3. "This, that and the other"

2. "Poopin' around"

I must've missed this one, but we'll just have to trust the fine folks over at the Rubber Chickens. Nevermind. I guess it's been said more than once.

1. "That team from the upstate"

The back and forth between Dabo and the HBC has been highlighted many times over. But as far as I'm concerned it doesn't get any better than a little back-handed stab such as this one.