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The Final Cockdown: #6 Connor Mitch

Ya boy is the starter y'all!

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Connor Mitch

RS Sophomore
6-3 / 211
Raleigh, NC (Wakefield High School)

During a prolific high school career, Mitch was a sought after commodity by many, receiving offers from powers such as Alabama, Auburn and LSU. A lot of schools showed interest in the three-star pro-style passer, but he eventually choose the Gamecocks in May of 2012.

College Career
Much has been noted this offseason that no quarterback on the Gamecocks roster has much of any valuable collegiate experience, but that's all in the past now that we've got our guy inked in at QB1. Mitch's career line is 2-6 for 19 yards. Who cares? If the HBC and co. can invest full confidence, who's to say fans can't either?

2015 Outlook
Heading into the season opener that's just a week away, the word we've heard is that Spurrier will give as many chances as he can to let Mitch succeed as the starter. Whether or not those chances run out after a half of football remains to be seen. But, should Spurrier had named any of the other guys the starter over Mitch, I'd be feeling a lot more wary about the season. The fact is Mitch is the most skilled of the three vying for the position, and from all the hearsay we've heard late in this talkin' season, he's got the poise to survive in the SEC.

Mitch has all the weapons around him, from a potential All-American receiver to a three-headed running attack to a wildcat package threat to a steel curtain offensive line, to focus on just playing his role in the offense, make the right decisions and get the ball in the hands of his playmakers. He won't be asked to do too much too early, and with a hopefully improved defense, he won't find himself scrambling from behind.

So now, it's time to celebrate, because Mitch is our guy and our fate is in good hands.