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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week 4

Some movement in the middle, but the top and bottom of the conference hold steady after week 4

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

1. Ole Miss -Sure, they let Vandy hang around way longer than they should have, but the Rebels are still in control right now.

2. Georgia -Blew out Southern to remain undefeated. That matchup with Bama next weekend should be huge as the Bulldogs face their first good opponent of the season.

3. LSU -The Tigers continue to win and Leonard Fournette continues to be terrifying.

4. Alabama -Like Georgia, the Tide heads into next week coming off of another blowout of a cupcake opponent.

5. Mississippi State -Got a decent win over a struggling Auburn. The Bulldogs aren't anything amazing, but they look to have a solid team.

6. Texas A&M -The Aggies weren't very impressive against Arkansas, but they did manage to get the win.

7. Florida -None of their wins over decent teams have been terribly impressive, but the Gators are clearly a contender for the SEC East.

8. Kentucky -The Wildcats are now sitting at 2-1 in the SEC and may also be a legitimate contender for the East.

9. Tennessee -Repeatedly blowing two-score leads in the 4th quarter really gets you down and the Vols are not feeling good right now.

10. Missouri -It turns out that the Tigers' struggles against teams like UConn and Arkansas State may have indicated that SEC play would be tough for them.

11. Auburn -The Tigers avoided getting blown out again, but still dropped their second SEC matchup.

12. South Carolina -I'm not entirely convinced that the Gamecocks are really better than Arkansas and Vandy, but after a win over UCF they do at least have a better record.

13. Arkansas -Lost a close one to Texas A&M and the rest of their schedule doesn't hold much hope for things improving for the Hogs.

14. Vanderbilt -Hung around with Ole Miss thanks to their defense, but couldn't do enough to pull off the upset.