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No, Jon Gruden isn't giving up a $6.5 million job to coach South Carolina, or anywhere else for that matter

If you were getting paid as much as he was doing TV, would you leave your job?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It seems that a pocket of South Carolina Gamecocks fans believe that if Stephen Orr Spurrier decides to hang up the headset after the 2015 season - which, I think, could be likely if the rest of the year turns out to be a total disaster - the team could set its eyes to a former Super Bowl winning coach and graduate of the University of Dayton/former Tennessee grad assistant that is now a color commentator for ESPN's Monday Night Football. In fact, the man itself has called returning to Rocky Top, where he worked for Johnny Majors, a "dream job", leaving Vols fans salivating and wondering if he would be Butch Jones' replacement in case, you know, the latter turned out to under-perform despite pretty high expectations.

Well, there's bad news for Jon Gruden fans. Apparently he is getting paid a lot of money to do what he's doing right now. How much, you ask? Try $6.5 million. A year. And, on top of that, he's locked up for the next six seasons.

Now, even if he were under contract, there's the very distinct possibility that the WWL had an out-clause in case Gruden wanted to return to the sideline in either the professional or college level. But I would think that it would be very hard to walk away from a $6.5M gig in any event. Especially for Tennessee, which is paying Jones $3.2M, or South Carolina, who is shelling out $4M for the HBC.

Long story short - Gruden's not leaving his post anytime soon unless he really, really, really wants to. But he has six and a half million reasons not to do so. Besides, we all know that Chip Kelly will be fired at the end of this season, and he'll be available if things really go off the rails here in Columbia.