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The South Carolina Twitter feed destroys ESPN’s college football Twitter feed after upset win over Tennessee

@GamecocksOnline has ZERO CHILL whatsoever.

Saturday night was a good night for the South Carolina Gamecocks and their fans. The Gamecocks defeated #18 Tennessee, 24-21, to pick up their biggest win in some time. It was the first time a Gamecocks team have beaten a ranked opponent since 2009.

Oops, we meant an unranked Gamecocks team. Apparently, the crew running ESPN’s college football Twitter feed left that part out. They deleted it, originally stating that it was the first time a Gamecocks team period has beaten a ranked opponent, which is categorically false, because, well, the whole 2011-2013 33-6 thing and all. It was deleted, but it’s the Internet, where a nifty screenshot always does the trick!

Not to worry! The @GamecocksOnline social media team gave them a friendly reminder.

@ESPNCFB apologized, in all fairness:

All good, right, Well, probably not.

**insert fire emoji here**

Memo to the social media team at ESPN: proofread your tweets, especially if you’re going to provide patently and wildly false information. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time ESPN has goofed up regarding the Gamecocks: their offseason post on SEC difference makers in 2016 included Skai Moore weeks after he underwent neck surgery; and, back in July, they apparently thought Will Muschamp still coached at Florida. Different departments, but still, not a good look for the Worldwide Leader In Sports.