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You tell us - Who is South Carolina football’s most important returning player in 2016?

It’s Friday, so we want to give you a chance to sound off and give us your thoughts!

Florida v South Carolina Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

So ESPN did a piece the other day about who the top returning player for each SEC team is. Some were on the mark: Leonard Fournette for LSU, Chad Kelly for Ole Miss, Nick Chubb for Georgia. Some, well, weren’t.

Now, we’re big Skai Moore fans, and would love to see him lead the team in tackles for a fourth consecutive season. Only one problem: He’s injured. Looks like someone on the ESPN research staff was looking forward to the weekend a bit too much when they wrote this. See? Even the big-money #media make mistakes sometimes.

So we figured that we’d help ESPN answer their own question. Who is South Carolina’s top returning player in 2016? Which player coming back will have the most impact on what happens on the football field this upcoming season? Note: we’re only looking at returning players, not incoming players.

We’re looking forward to your thoughts, so fire away in the comment section below with your answer to this week’s question. And check back later this offseason as the staff dives in and gives their opinion!