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Will Muschamp speaks at SEC Spring Meetings, is a fan of Auburn in the SEC East

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East Carolina v South Carolina Photo by Mary Ann Chastain/ Getty Images

It seems like every couple of years, the matter of SEC divisions realigning comes up. One proposal that keeps getting floated around is Auburn moving to the SEC East and Mizzou going to the SEC West, which makes perfect geographical sense (to me, at least).

Anyway, SEC spring meetings are underway today down at Destin, Florida, and the topic came up again. Will Muschamp is a fan of seeing his most recent former employer (where he served as the defensive coordinator for a single season before being hired at USC) in the East instead of the West.

While (as I said) this would make perfect geographical sense, one of the main sticking points would be the fact that the Alabama/Auburn rivalry would go away. Obviously, with both teams in the West, there’s more of an incentive to keep things status quo and leave everything the same. That could obviously be easily rectified by making it a permanent crossover game (a la the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry between the Tigers and Georgia) if the move’s made.

Other notes:

Muschamp’s also a fan of Texas and Texas A&M playing each other every year, which is not a thing for some reason but should be.

He also mentioned communication between schools and grad transfers, saying that the process should be more open . As it stands now, schools that have accepted grad transfers in the past that have failed to meet academic regulations have faced restrictions from the league when it comes to bringing on further grad transfers in the future. This has become a major talking point thanks in part to the case of ex-Notre Dame QB Malik Zaire, who is looking to transfer to Florida but can’t because a pair of players brought to the Gators for their grad years couldn’t meet academic standards. Florida, as a result, can’t bring in any grad transfers until 2018 under the current rule.