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South Carolina vs Louisiana Tech: GABA Staff Predictions

No one feels great about this game, but we’re still picking the Gamecocks

NCAA Football: Kentucky at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

The Gamecocks fell to 2-1 last week in a spectacularly disappointing performance against Kentucky, so we’re here to tell you whether we think they’ll bounce back this week.

Thomas: The loss from Kentucky is still haunting me. I still want to act like it’s not real. Anyway, South Carolina struggled with two out of the three cupcake games from last year, which scares me. I think the Gamecocks are going to miss Zach Bailey and Deebo Samuel’s absence is going to hurt them a lot. LA Tech gave Miss. State a run for the their money, which scares for me. However, I have faith in the them to bounce back. I’m thinking somewhere in the range of 31-18 Gamecocks, but don’t be shocked if I’m wrong.

Demetri: Guys, I know the Kentucky loss hurts. Losing Deebo really hurts. But remember who is coming to town.

Yes, Louisiana Tech is probably the favorite in CUSA this year, but that speaks to how historically bad CUSA football is in 2017. This is the right team for the Gamecocks to be playing in the first real world test of Jake Bentley without his favorite target and of this team after dropping a game it had no business dropping.

Louisiana Tech has played one good team all year and they gave up more than 500 yards of total offense to that team. Carolina’s offense isn’t as powerful as Mississippi State’s, but Louisiana Tech’s most memorable offensive play of the season is...well, just cue the video again.

Cocks 26 - 13

Kody: I’ve officially entered the Upside Down. Reality is now some twisted facsimile where the Gamecocks have lost four straight to Kentucky, the traffic is terrible and the plumbing isn’t fully operational, and there’s really gross slime everywhere. Maybe South Carolina beats Louisiana Tech by 30; maybe the Bulldogs pull an unthinkable upset. But more than likely, the Gamecocks find a way to scrape by, probably in bumpy fashion given their recent injuries. Let’s say 24-13 in a “Get the win and get the hell out” type of operation. And hopefully they can get us out of The Upside Down for at least a week.

DC3: South Carolina’s defense has been relatively solid thus far with a few busted plays here and there, but the offense has been unable to string four quarters together.

Stop me if you've heard this before.

This week has the potential to break the streak of ‘exceptionally predictable milquetoast’, but don't hold your breath. This will be a very defensively minded game. The only goal this week will be to choke the life out of a potentially dangerous offense and hope to whatever God we pray to that we score more points than them. La. Tech throws the ball like nobody's business and they play relatively fast and loose. Something Something Skip Holtz. This will be a weird week and if you're in Columbia, come tailgate with us because that will be the highlight of the day.

Cocks 28 - La Tech 10

Kaci: Obviously what happened last week against Kentucky and how it will impact the team is a concern. I think that Carolina will manage to bounce back and get a win against the Bulldogs, but this feels like it’ll be a stressful game. Gamecocks 24-LA Tech 17.

Chris: It’s admittedly hard for me to get up for this game after the monumental letdown that was last week. Couple that with my natural anxiety and I’m not looking forward to this game at all. Louisiana Tech is no ordinary G-5 team — as a matter of fact they’re currently in the midst of one of the best stretches of football in school history.

However, with all that being said I do expect South Carolina to win. Louisiana Tech’s defense has been particularity butt over a three game sample and might be the regiment SC’s sputtering offense needs to get some confidence under their belt.

I think South Carolina finally gets a run established against LA Tech and doesn’t ask Jake Bentley to do too much through the air. SC’s defense is a perfect matchup for what LT does on offense, so while my anxiety will continue to eat me alive I do think SC pulls this out.

Gamecocks win 35-20.