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SEC Hoops Power Poll Ballot: Week Two


Most SEC hoops fans thought we would see some separation after some of the early conference games. However, we really learned very little about how the conference stacks up, as a number of games ended in surprise blowouts, with teams that were either favored or evenly matched against their opponents taking serious thumpings. Indeed, if we learned anything about the SEC this week, it's that we should expect the unexpected because the conference is fairly evenly matched. Teams that weren't supposed to be very good have solid chances at stringing together some wins this year.

1. Kentucky

Ranking them this high may be a little premature, but who else am I supposed to put here? Jodie Meeks may have done it almost single-handedly, but they blew the Vols out and the Vols had been struggling anyways. Florida struggled against Auburn. LSU looks good at home, but they've lost some ugly ones on the road. That makes Kentucky number one, at least for this week.

2. Tennessee

Lots of talent, but this team is clearly struggling.

3. Florida

They still sport a nice record, but they struggled against Auburn and still don't have many victories that are worth talking a lot about.

4. LSU

Their performance against South Carolina in Baton Rouge was very nice, but they need to prove they can win on the road after losing another one to an average Alabama team.

5. South Carolina

Was South Carolina exposed in Baton Rouge or did they just butt heads with a team that rules on its home floor? We'll see this weekend when the Gamecocks travel to Knoxville.

6. Vanderbilt

Another team with a good record that hasn't really played anyone. Blew out Georgia, but who cares?

7. Mississippi State

The Bulldogs are an unassuming team that's moving up the rankings after solid wins against Arkansas and Alabama.

8. Arkansas

Well, we were warned that Arkansas's wins over Oklahoma and Texas might not really be indicative of how this team would play all year.

9. Alabama

Nice win over LSU, bad loss to Mississippi State.

10. Ole Miss

Things may not be as bad as they seem in Oxford after the Rebels took out the Hogs.

11. Auburn

Couldn't beat Florida despite a horrible performance by the Gators.

12. Georgia

When I said lots of teams have a chance to win games in the SEC this year, I didn't mean these gusy. They're awful. They somehow lost by 10 to Vanderbilt despite the fact that the Dores shot 40% from the field and 12% (!!!) from the three-point arc. If you can't win a game when your opponent is having such an off-night, you're going to have problems.