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Tuesday News and Notes: Recruiting Costs and Anthony Dixon's Arrest

Another day without much going on in the college sports world. Here are a few tidbits:

Seth Emerson on recruiting costs. The football information has already made the rounds on the internet, but Emerson did some additional homework on the other two big men's sports. Carolina ranks low in both basketball and baseball as well as football. Interesting stuff to think about. The main question the football (as well as baseball, I suppose) costs beg to me is the following: how do we continue to recruit well at Carolina without (1) a winning tradition and (2) without spending as much as the Tennessees and Auburns of the world? My guess is that Steve Spurrier and his staff are doing a better job than some of us might want to give them credit for when it comes to selling the program. Another question this stuff makes me wonder about is this: what on earth is Tennessee spending their money on? I mean, even if part of UT's costs are attributable to the fact that they were known for "recruiting nationally" under Phil Fulmer, $1,000,000 bucks seems like a load of money when you stop and think that most of these costs must go to subsidizing the recruiting staff's travel costs. And that's only the costs the Vols are reporting...

Anthony Dixon has been arrested for DUI. I can't imagine that Dan Mullen relishes the idea of having to decide on disciplinary procedures for, you know, the one good player on his team.