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South Carolina at Ole Miss Preview Capsule and Gameday Open Thread

Mississippi Rebels Preview Capsule

Record: 13-4 (1-2)

Good Wins: Kansas St. Wildcats, UTEP Miners

Bad Losses: None

Team Strengths: Scoring Offense, Scoring Margin, FG Percentage, 3FG Percentage, Turnover Margin

Team Weaknesses: Scoring Defense, Rebounding, Free Throw Shooting, Personal Fouls Per Game

Season Thus Far: The Rebels have had a successful year thus far and very well could have been in the Top 10 right now if not for a couple of close losses in conference play. Their conference schedule thus far has been tough, which accounts for the 1-2 record.

What to Expect: The Rebels are a small-ball team with plenty of talented guards. They shoot the ball extremely well and can run the court. They're also a fairly good defensive team; don't let the scoring defense numbers get your hopes up, as they owe more to the fast style of play more than to any profound shortcomings. The Rebels lack a strong post presence, but that shouldn't benefit us very much considering that we don't have any elite big men. Even if we did, the Rebels have proved that they can play through matchup problems.

Predication: 4-8 point Rebels victory. We don't match up terribly with the Rebels, but they're more talented across the lineup than us and are playing better ball right now. That compounded with the fact that we've played poorly on the road this year make me think that this will be a tough game.