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Topics for Discussion: UK Apocalypse Edition

First of all, a major congrats goes to the 'Cats for an epic win. This was a big one for them, and as an equally longsuffering program, they deserve the glory tonight. I give them my regards.

Now it's time to talk Gamecock Fail.

3. Losing Lattimore sucked, and I'm sure it made a huge difference. But what really made a difference was Spurrier's lack of respect for a good UK team at the opening of the second half. We were trying to light them up when we should have been trying to mount long drives. Poor coaching. Period.

2. We still should have won. Our defense flaked. Poor concentration by the players. The schemes were there, by the way.

1. This sucks. It really, really sucks. I want Vandy's rear end next weekend. The East isn't out of reach, as any of you who are watching UF right now can see. But we have to consistently play better than that.