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The Daily Feed // 10.20.10


South Carolina Football: Kentucky Field Report | Leftover Hot Dog
Miss the Kentucky game? LOHD has your back. In excruciating detail.

Kentucky was 7 of 11 on third downs in the second half…They were also 2 of 2 on fourth downs…

Steve Spurrier Weekly Press Conference Quotes & Videos | Gamecocks Online

On Marcus Lattimore

I wouldn't say he's definitely out. He can walk right now. He may make a nice recovery between now and then.

If Steve Spurrier is honestly considering playing an (even slightly) injured Marcus Lattimore against Vanderbilt on Saturday, I am going to have a serious problem with him. Vanderbilt is arguably the third worst team on our entire schedule. They might even be the second worst. So are you telling me that if Marcus had gone to Auburn instead of South Carolina we would only expect to win two games this season? He can't possibly be THAT instrumental to our offense. Hopefully this is all mind games so Vandy has to prepare for Lattimore (whatever that ambiguous phrase means), because if Steve Spurrier honestly thinks we can't beat Vanderbilt without Lattimore, then I might have just jumped off the Spurrier band wagon. Do the right thing Spurrier and sit Lattimore now so there will be no question about his availability for the Tennessee game. Need I remind you of the Shaq Wilson situation?

On the team's SEC road losing streak

We're getting less points than the other team. That's exactly what's happened. Lets don't make any more about we should have beaten Kentucky. They made 21 first downs to our 17. They made nine third downs to our five. They were 3-for-3 on fourth down conversions. They played better than us. They just beat us. We don't sit around and mope about missed assignments which helped lose, but during the course of the game they outplayed us. Give those guys credit.


On Kenny Miles playing a bigger role this week

Kenny is fired up. Coach (Jay) Graham and I talked and said lets give Kenny a chance. Brian Maddox has hustled. He's done everything. He had a diving catch last week for minus-two yards. Stephen (Garcia) threw it behind him last week ... but anyway that's how our offense went in the second half. Anyway Kenny's fired up and ready to play. He's had a wonderful attitude through these first six games. I think he had 100 yards at this game last year.

What the Kentucky loss has done to me, personally, is steel my resolve to hold Spurrier accountable this year. There is absolutely no excuse for putting up 0 points in the second half and having a net of 90 rushing yards against the worst rush defense in the SEC. My memories of the game are a little hazy, but I seem to remember some Connor Shaw in there at one point running the Wild Cock. Why didn’t we try that in the second half? Why didn’t we use the duo of Maddox and Miles to cram it down their throats? I remember when we were cramming it down Georgia’s throat and I turned to my brother and said, "This is how you win football games. When everybody in the stadium knows you’re going to run it and you still explode them off the line for positive yards." Run the ball, Spurrier, and don’t be an idiot about it.



SEC East, A Graphic Explanation, Life of Pi Edition UPDATED | The Rubber Chickens

USC defense: Back to drawing board? | The Post and Courier

South Carolina is currently ranked 110th in pass defense, giving up 270.8 yards a game through the air after six games. Consecutive passers, Alabama's Greg McElroy and Kentucky's Mike Hartline, have set career highs against the Gamecocks.

Would you have thought this would be the case at the beginning of the year?

Gamecock Secondary Making Adjustments | Gamecock Anthem
What took so long?

The devil went down to... Louisiana? | Gridiron & Grits
A "Broken Heart Meter?" She really is a Gamecock fan.

Blog: Bones, chanting and chicken blood | Gamecock Anthem
If you take just one thing from this article, let it be this:

Seriously, folks, the Chicken Curse is not real. You wouldn't know that, of course, by the coverage of South Carolina's latest, inexplicable loss on the football field.

Morris: USC’s time is NOW |

He also knows that should USC capture the division title, neither the SEC nor the NCAA is going to attach an asterisk next to it signaling the division was not up to par.

This is they key - win the division. Let history take care of the stigma of a "down" division. Not a bad article, but I feel compelled to keep my promise to you, dear reader, and proved the following link. (H/T: Spurs Up)

Ron Morris Resignation Petition | Petition Spot
We're up to 633!

A Spoonful Of Blue Helps Reality Go Down | Saturday Down South
Hard to read, man. Let this be a lesson to all you kids out there.

Dashing through a stock report | ESPN - Forde Yard Dash
Pat Forde touches on the depressing state of the SEC East and the Gamecocks' home/away disparity. (H/T: tryptic67)

Eight Gamecocks Named to Steele's Midseason All-SEC Teams | Gamecocks Online

The Gamecocks were represented on the first team by a pair of sophomores, wide receiver Alshon Jeffery and cornerback Stephon Gilmore. Freshman tailback Marcus Lattimore and sophomore defensive end Devin Taylor earned spots on the second team, while junior quarterback Stephen Garcia, junior defensive tackle Travian Robertson, senior defensive end Cliff Matthews and senior punter Spencer Lanning were named to the third team squad.

Does this mean Phil Steele thinks Stephen Garcia is the third best quarterback in the SEC? More to the point, is Stephen Garcia the third best quarterback in the SEC?

Nebraska falls, Texas re-enters Power Rankings after upset win |
Life is not fair. Gamecock fans learn this fact early.

Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier should understand that calls that work for The Hat don't necessarily work for Darth Visor. Spurrier hoped for a Les Miles moment Saturday at Kentucky when Stephen Garcia lofted the ball into the end zone -- even though the Gamecocks only needed a field goal to force overtime.

Lights-Cam-Action! SEC Report Cards, Week 7 | The Sports Jury
A "C?" How do you give USC a C after last week's loss to Kentucky when just a week prior they beat Alabama? We have better expectations than that around here. That's F material fo' sho.

William Carlos Williams Reviews Carolina/Kentucky | The Rubber Chickens
Don't understand this? This should help.



Byrd to announce decision this week | The Post and Courier
That Kentucky loss hurts us, but he was here for 'Bama. Lord knows why a New Jersey kid is interested in coming all the way to South Carolina (one assumes to get out of New Jersey), but I like our chances. That could be him that we throw to on the last play of the game to beat Kentucky next year!

One of the quickest prospects in the Northeast will announce this week if he will join South Carolina's talented receiving corps next season. Wide receiver Damiere Byrd (5-9, 165) of Sicklerville, N.J., plans to have a decision Wednesday between the Gamecocks, Iowa, Ole Miss and Florida. He took official visits to USC and Iowa. His visit to Columbia was for the Alabama weekend.



Gamecocks debut new jerseys |
I guess uniforms is one of the topics GoGamecocks considers lowly enough to offer for free. Still, the unis look better than last year's version. (H/T: Spurs Up)



South Carolina Dominates SEC Weekly Swim/Dive Awards | Gamecocks Online
You heard it here (actually there, I guess) first, folks. DOMINATION!



Gamecocks Ranked Fourth in Equestrian National Coaches Poll | Gamecocks Online
Ok, cearly these equestrian people aren't familiar with how polls work. If there are fourth teams ahead of you, you are actually ranked fifth.