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Wednesday News and Notes: Gamecocks Lost to Ole Miss and More

First off, the Gamecocks lost 3-0 to Ole Miss in the first game of the SEC Tournament today. The most disappointing thing about this loss is that we more or less got the pitching and defense we needed out of a committee of midweek and Sunday pitchers but failed convert any of our seven hits into runs. This was the same problem we had against Florida last weekend. Hopefully, we'll break the trend in our next game. The good news is that we saved Cooper and Dyson for the upcoming games, but that won't matter if we can't start scoring runs. I'm keeping the faith, though.

The rest of the news:

NCAA seeding likely on line for Gamecocks | The Herald - Rock Hill, SC. What does South Carolina need to do at this week's SEC baseball tournament to secure a national seed in the NCAA tournament? Gamecocks coach Ray Tanner says your opinion is as accurate as his.

Several Gamecocks earn All-SEC honors | GoGamecocks. The All-SEC lists are out, and Gamecocks are prominent on them.

SEC hoops preview: Look out for Gators in ’10 | GoGamecocks. Joe Person isn't too high on the Court 'Cocks in 2010-11. While in many ways I think we'll have a solid team, it's hard to disagree with him when you look at the rest of the conference. I'd say fourth is our ceiling, depending on how Vandy and UGA do stack up against us.

How economic downturn has affected Rust Belt states and college football recruiting - ESPN. ESPN graces us with a shocking expose on how economic and population decline in the midwest is affecting Big 10 recruiting. In other words, the same thing everyone not in the Big 10's pockets have been saying for about a decade now. An interesting read, but for the most part very, very old news.