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Half Cocked, Episode 6: A Very Half Cocked Christmas

Quick Note: If you weren't able to listen to last week's show, those technical issues have been resolved. I'm reposting the link to last week's show here with apologies to our guest, Brandon Cavanaugh.

Now, to the good part...

Episode 6 of Half Cocked is here on Christmas morning just in time for you to avoid interacting with members of your family!

In this week's episode the search for an intern enters its third week, Ellis Johnson departs for Southern Miss, South Carolina gets the scheduling shaft, Kyle Nunn ain't done(?), Jadeveon Clowney has a terrible nickname, and Half Cocked hosts its first annual New Year's Eve Party.

Subscribe via iTunes or RSS. Play the episode from your web browser here. Directly download this week's show here. Or stream the episode using the media player below (which, again, actually works this week):