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SEC Hoops Power Poll Results: 2/20-2/26


Other than the three-way tie at seventh, not a lot to remark here. It seems that a pecking order has established itself to some degree, although the absence of truly huge games this week may have simply been a calm before the storm that will occur when the top three play each other again.

1. Florida Gators 106 (8 first-place votes)

2. Vanderbilt Commodores 93

3. Alabama Crimson Tide 90

4. Kentucky Wildcats 87 (1 first-place vote)

5. Georgia Bulldogs 74

6. Tennessee Volunteers 63

7 (t). Arkansas Razorbacks 44

7 (t). Mississippi Rebels 44

7 (t). Mississippi St. Bulldogs 44

10. South Carolina Gamecocks 30

11. LSU Tigers 15

12. Auburn Tigers 12

See what the voters had to say after the jump.


14-0 at home tells me that this team is good.--Leftover Hot Dog


Can't beat anybody better than them.--A Sea of Blue


After showing some signs of improvement, Auburn returns to the conference dustbin.--Alabama Basketball Blog


Snuck past LSU in Baton Rouge without Parsons. Will Parsons play this week? Next game - Thursday vs. Georgia. Then Saturday at Kentucky.--Anchor of Gold


Huge win in Knoxville gives UGA a puncher's chance to take 2nd in the East; their win on Rocky Top might be enough to get guarantee an invite to the Dance.--Vanderbilt Sports Line


May not win the conference, but they probably have the highest ceiling of any conference team going into the postseason.--Alabama Basketball Blog


Thank God for Auburn. And Abita Turbo Dog. Otherwise this shenanigan of a season would be unbearable. Weaux is me!--Dawg Sports

Mississippi St.

This team is so talented yet so hopelessly lost.--A Sea of Blue

Ole Miss

Followed a resounding victory over Auburn with  the above-mentioned double digit loss to Mississippi State. This kind of inconsistency could drive a coach to drink.--Dawg Sports

South Carolina

KenPom foretells of only "L's" in their future. Will they prove him wrong? Games vs. Mississippi and at Georgia this week.--Anchor of Gold


1-3 since Pearl's return. Just saying...--Alabama Basketball Blog


Rising beast in the East as they have won 5 straight.--Leftover Hot Dog