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THE DAILY FEED 3.29.11 // Baseball News, Football News, and More

My apologies for the brevity of this Daily Feed, but it's been a busy day today.

South Carolina Baseball

Michael Roth: Florida Post-Game - Facebook

Interview with Michael Roth after his performance against Florida.

Top 25 NCAA Baseball Tracker - Anchor Of Gold

A composite ranking of the top 25 teams in baseball, based on the polls of ESPN/USA Today, Baseball America, Perfect Game, Collegiate Baseball, and the National Collegiate Baseball Writers of America.

South Carolina Football

Prep notebook: Highly recruited Lake Marion tandem visits USC -

The post-Beamer recruiting era begins in earnest at USC.

2010 South Carolina Gamecocks Football Season Recap | Saturday Down South

A great, thorough (and I mean really thorough) review of USC's 2010 season.

Dodd: Top 25 College Football Stadiums -

Williams-Brice sneaks in at #24.


Ralph Nader proposes replacing athletic scholarships with need-based aid - ESPN

Consumer advocate Ralph Nader is calling for the elimination of college athletic scholarships, saying the move is necessary to de-professionalize college athletes.

Just for fun, what do you guys think would happen if something like this went through? Would high-level college athletes still play college sports? Or would they simply join minor league programs?

Notre Dame is about to make Lou Holtz an official fake doctor - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog - Yahoo! Sports